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Switching between input methods

  1. How to use Pinyin to Type Chinese (iPhone) - Pin Pin ChinesePin Pin Chinese
  2. Best Tools to Learn to Write Chinese | Student’s Guide
  3. Tool #3: ChineseSkill Mobile App
  4. How to use Pinyin to Type Chinese (iPhone)
  5. Adding a Chinese handwriting keyboard to your iOS device

Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Learn how to write thousands of Chinese characters - it's educational, entertaining and addictive!

How to use Pinyin to Type Chinese (iPhone) - Pin Pin ChinesePin Pin Chinese

Choose the all-new "painted" Kai-style typeface for more naturally-written Chinese! Plus we've redesigned the menu and custom packs feature and drastically simplified upgrade options for ease-of-use. We hope you continue to enjoy Chinese Writer! Bugfixes for iOS Search of characters with uppercase and lowercase letters Possibility of duplicate character packs to edit them Bugfixes for latest versions of iOS.

Better animation performance on new iPad 2. Russian language now supported, and integration with VKontakte website added 3. Bugfixes, including issue with "zi4" character. In the latter, you don't see a character once you've started to draw it. It's really tough, but double the points! Jul 28, Version 3. Information Seller trainchinese B.

Best Tools to Learn to Write Chinese | Student’s Guide

Size Category Games. Compatibility Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Languages English, Russian, Spanish. Price Free. Developer Website App Support. However, since I usually have several keyboards enabled on my iPhone I usually tap-and-hold this key to reveal the input selector.

Conclusion | Learning to Write Chinese Characters

Once revealed, drag your finger over the desired input method and release to enable it. If you found this article helpful, please take a moment to share it!

Tool #3: ChineseSkill Mobile App

Also, let me know if you have any questions. It seems there has just been a change in the way the simplified pinyin chinese keyboard works does not seem to be linked to the upgrade to OS7, but there must have been some sort of forced update a couple days ago. Th eproblem is when typing a syllable in pnying, the list of hanzi which correspond to what I just typed no longer shows. There may be a more elegant solution, but resetting my phone fixed the issue for me holding the home and lock buttons until the phone restarted.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for details on how to setting new input method and switching between them. How to type Nu Ren in pin yin? I type Nu, it came out different characters. Just like Lu se.. The pin yin cannot prompt.

How to use Pinyin to Type Chinese (iPhone)

Hi Kevin, this is a great question! I've been struggling to find a good platform to make flashcard sets for Chinese for months. Since there are three components needed to learn chinese words -- the character, pinyin, and the definition -- the two-sided interface would create a gap in my learning.

Skritter's interface bridges that gap completely. Now, I can actually study all aspects of each word, which in turn leads to much better retention. I've been able to learn more words in a day than I could in a week using my previous methods. Thank you Skritter!

Adding a Chinese handwriting keyboard to your iOS device

Thanks so much for your awesome review! If you haven't tried the beta version yet, you can check out this post: The app would not open today. I deleted it and downloaded it again. After signing in, and trying to sync, the app said data was corrupted and I need to delete and download again. Hope problem gets fixed. This is a great app that is helping me reach my language goals.

How to Type Chinese on an iPhone (+handwriting)

Hi Coffeandchina, Would you be able to reach out to us at team skritter. We'd like to get to the bottom of this! App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Learn how to read and write Chinese with the 1 character-learning app. In accordance with our humane bug catch-and-release principles, we gently shepherded some bugs out of the app and into the wilderness of California's serene redwood forests, where they will live out the rest of their days harmlessly trying to crash the beauty of nature.

Updated compatibility with iOS Improved Apple Pencil support. Restored Pleco button for users with the Pleco Chinese dictionary installed. Supports 3D Touch and force-sensitive writing for new devices. More speed!