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We will get to additional purchases later. You next will be prompted to scale and crop your background or photo. One minor issue I had with this is that you can only have your photo be a perfect square. Not the biggest deal but can be somewhat restrictive. Next up is your main workspace.

Here you can choose to add filters, borders, text, doodles and phrases. There are six filters and once chosen you can adjust the opacity, brightness and contrast. Pretty easy to use and spiffy. I look forward to even more filters to be added! There are 25 free borders and three additional border packs you can purchase. One interesting thing to note is that borders are their set size. They can be moved and rotated, but not made larger or smaller.

After a recent update, there are now 18 free fonts plus one pack that you can purchase. There is one fabulous little dingbat font in there that I just loved in that extra pack and purchased it. The doodles are a blast to play with! There are 40 free doodles and two extra packs for purchase which are strictly word bubbles and arrows and symbols. One interesting to note is that you get some arrows, symbols and word bubbles in the free pack, not just as many. Doodles can be resized by pinching and expanding your fingers as well as rotating.

Love it! My only complaint is it seems be quite a battery life killer! But still.. Congratulations ladies! The app looks amazing! I am a fan of your blog and I just downloaded the app. I am loving this app so, so much! I already posted a ton of pics on Instagram with it.

A Beautiful Mess App is in the iTunes Store!

Oh, and Hayley Williams from Paramore even did a tweet about your app — so cool! It was fun watching my IG feed blow up with people using the app. You all should really be congratulated! Well done! This app is terrific, I cannot wait to create more whimsical images from my phone!

I highlighted the new app on my blog today and friends are already writing to tell me they downloaded it, congrats and thanks Elsie and Emma! I love the app! I even gave you a little shout-out on my blog. Thanks gals. You ladies are fabulous, as always!! This is soo cool but i wondered if you could do a Android one yanno whenever you get the time!! Now that I am using it more, some minor glitches and to find out any answers is very difficult. Wonder if you guys could do a tutorial on the specifics. Kacie http: Having trouble contacting for technical support.

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My email got returned? My issue is the same as someone above. The app also closes sometimes sporadically. Seriously I am head-over-heels in love with this App!!! I love your blog and read it everyday in sunny South Africa. I just used it to create some cute pics for my Etsy jewelry shop. Thanks Elsie and Emma!!! The app is really cute! But I think you have to pay too much for all the in-app purchases. There are other apps where you have to pay only 99 cents to get a lot more fonts, filters or shapes. I read this in the iTunes reviews as well, so maybe you can do something with this feedback?

Congrats with your baby though!: Well done ladies, absolutely love the app! Only one small thing I ran into was I wish there was an easier way to size things down. Look at you!!! In love with the app! GREAT job! Now am I the only one that wants a ABM app phone cover? Will you be selling those? I really want one!

I absolutely adore your website and I am super excited about your new app!!! You are so inspirational! Simply amazing! Hi ladies, I love your new app, already purchased the add ons too and left fab feedback on itunes. I am sure you are open to feedback of all sorts, so one thing that I would love for you to tweek is when I am resizing font, doodle etc, once I resize it, it locks it to that size not letting me re tweek it. I hope you can put this on the list of the lil bugs to fix. Love the app but have a question!

How do u delete a filter,font etc without starting over from the very beginning when you are editing a pic? I thought that is why I paid the 99cents. I have to say this app is really cool! You did a great job!

A Beautiful Mess Photo App Video Tour

Thank you and keep writing! Love the app ladies!! Stayed up all night using it…Hope to see more fonts, doodles and phrases added! Congrats on all the success of your new app. I featured it on my blog as my Friday Fav New Thing. Keep up the great work. Sarah http: Thank you!!! Love love love it! Already using it like mad and have lots of friends on the bandwagon.

Huge congratulations for the launch! What a mad success! I love how fun the app is. I will say, though, I was a bit disappointed to see exactly how much of the content had to be purchased after already paying for the app. Downloading this right away! I just purchased your app on the May 15th of this month and I got a new phone yesterday.

I purchased all the add ons. When I downloaded all the apps back on my phone and opened a beautiful mess app it tells me i have to purchase all of them again. I ordered every one! Can you help and tell me how I can get them back without purchasing again? Karli Jessen- Yes, you can restore your purchases so you do not need to make them again. If you need step by step instructions please email contact AT rocketmobile DOT co and they can help walk you through it.

Leena- Thank you for bringing this to our attention! Are there any fonts that you would recommend that include these characters? This app is exactly what I am looking for, but I am Android.


Please please please make an Android verssion!!! I bought these for my husband for Christmas. However when I gave them to him they were perfect. They looked and fit amazing. He was so happy with them. Just bought it this weekend and love it. I am writing up a whole review and how to use for my subscribers. So excited to pass on and share this awesome app!! Great job ladies!! Love the app and basically everything else you gals do! My only request would be to provide an upgrade that includes an undo button.

A Beautiful Mess Review

Keep up the amazing work. You are such an inspiration. I have found a bug or two…the photo keeps reorienting with every edit I do. Add a phrase and the photo turns to the left. Add a doodle and it rotates again. Really gets things messed up by the time you are done. I did email the developers though. I had so much fun today using the app! Would LOVE to have it!!!! Mariana- there are two things you can do! E-mail our support team- contact AT rocketmobile DOT co be sure to include as many details as possible- what device are you using?

Found same bug as mentioned above — photo keeps reorienting with every edit. Very frustrating! For future update — would be great to have different layers for text, to work out size, font, placement for all copy. This app looks great, I just downloaded it! It is so amazing. Great job!

what are you looking for?

But please please please make the app available for Android as well! When I uploaded them to make prints, everything got cut off. I love your app, but I have Android. This is a good idea. When the Android version will be available? Recipe Rating. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. It is great!! Congrats…you ladies are amazing! Congrats, ladies! So exciting!! It looks so fun! Loving the app! Just downloaded!!!! I just got it! Luv it, and plan on using it like crazy: Congrats ladies!! I am downloading it right now and start to play yeiy! So excited! So excited!!! Downloading as we speak!

Good work ladies!! Pleeeeease I need this app running on Android! You have done a really good job!

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Guys you did such a great job! Love it!! Im gonna buy it right now! So nice it is finally there. Congrats girls… Check out my new outfit post: It looks awesome.

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Good job guys! So excited. So happy for you. So happy for me. Big Congrats to you lovely ladies! Downloaded it now. This will be so much fun to use! Congrats girls! Your blog is great! Congrats Elsie! This seems such a great app to make photos a little funkier! This is a hit! Looks great. Congrats this must be so exciting, I am just off to purchase it right now.

Congrats you guys. Your work ethic and creativity is inspiring. You deserve every happiness. Love this app! Congrats on creating something so fabulous! You ladies are amazing! Jana Days of Hand Lettering. You girls are great!! Just downloaded it! Fun stuff! WOW congrats!! So exited to see it! Love the effects! This is too cool. Just downloaded it. Thanks so much! This is wonderful! Congrats sweet ladies!!! I left a 5 star review on iTunes. You two are some of the BEST business women around.

Loving this app! So fun! And congratulations! Check out my app review on your awesome app here: It looks great Check out my OPI nail polish giveaway! So Awesome!!! Great Work Ladies!!! The app looks fab, — I love playing about with photo apps. Claire x. I am going to try to downloaded it. Just downloaded- so excited to support you guys more!

I got it!!! It offers no control over the adjustment. It generally raises the contrast and saturation — only you can decide if that is a worthy change for your image. Tapping the X at the left of the toolbar will discard your changes and take you back to image selection. Tapping the check mark at the right will bring you to the share screen seen below. You have options to Save to your photo library or share the image to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email. The first option, adding a layer, allows you to re-enter Formulas and add another formula on top of the first.

Here is my finished image. Before I go on to show you layering of formulas and some other examples of work using Formulas, I wanted to point out another drawback. For many of us, space for apps is at a premium. We can only have a few of the really large apps loaded to our devices. Stackables, which gives you much more control over your textures, and also includes formulas, is actually a smaller app than Formulas.

Formulas is more than 50MB larger! I added a touch of the Nordic Winter formula, and it was applied to just the image, not the frame. Then, when I added the Marshmallow frame, it surrounded not just the lighthouse image, but the first frame as well. The downward arrow at the top of the screen opens up a palette which holds the layers or sessions. You can hide the sessions or delete them. It does change the look of the image to swap layers around. You can see that somewhat by comparing the above and below screenshots.

Formulas can achieve some beautiful results. The frames are nicely done, and I really appreciate them not encroaching into the image itself, but they are hardly worth the price or size of the app. My recommendation is to stick with Stackables and learn how to use that, even though the learning curve is much, much steeper. The example below was the first image I processed with Formulas when it was released last summer. The final image was taken through Formulas, then Brushstroke.

Finally, the two images were merged in iColorama. You know, writing about apps with major drawbacks is not very much fun for me. Until then, enjoy. Jerry Jobe missed the real issue of why there is Formulas. Stackables is unable to stack multiple layers of filters and then set each layer at a percentage the strength of the effect.

While stackable is a good program it has several issues. The other biggest issue with Stackables is that you can not really save your filters other then to export one at a time as an attachment.