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  1. Chainfire3D [root] APK Download for Android
  2. For the computer geeks
  3. [root] Chainfire3D 3.3 APK
  4. [Android 2.1+][03.10.2011][v3.2] Chainfire3D [ROOT][OpenGL ES 2.0+]
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Please dont abuse games or others in comments section use pleasing words and help newbies. Tested in htc desire s plays smoothly without a struck.

Chainfire3D [root] APK Download for Android

All HTC and sonyericsson androids will support this app. Chainfire3D is an intermediary OpenGL driver. What does that mean?

It has some built-in functions, and can be further extended with plugins to provide extra functionality. Android 2. Now available for Honeycomb - but still a big risk there. Install on Honeycomb at your own peril!!

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This can drastically improve image quality! Be sure to check the thread on XDA for available plugins! So far nobody has reported a failed install, so that's good. Doesn't mean problems can't happen.

Wide range of HD games

There is some risk involved installing the driver. Your device may not boot.

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  6. If you have CWM, it would be prudent to create a backup before installing!! Install instructions: The other feature targeted at all phones is the addition of night mode. Using electronic gadgets at night can be kind of blinding. Night mode renders the screen in entirely one color, similar to f.

    For the computer geeks

    Supposedly this sort of filtering is better for you and improves your circadian rhythms. Dish out for the pro version of Chainfire and you can set custom colors and everything. Using night mode is better for battery, too. Since the screen is only using one color, it draws less power. To top everything off, Chainfire can put a nice-looking toggle icon on the launcher for easy switching. The other end of Chainfire 3D is an option to force all graphics to run in high-resolution mode.

    [root] Chainfire3D 3.3 APK

    Your phone might not want to display images in bit color, but the app forces it to do so anyway. The results are nothing short of spectacular. We got Samurai II: Vengeance THD to actually play. This is a game designed specifically for quad-core Tegra 3 devices e. Not only did we get it to run, but it ran completely and utterly flawlessly. Hell, our phone was even undervolted. Seriously, give this game a try.

    [Android 2.1+][03.10.2011][v3.2] Chainfire3D [ROOT][OpenGL ES 2.0+]

    The manga-style graphics look absolutely gorgeous. Chainfire works. We were quite proud of ourselves for getting a game designed for devices exponentially more powerful than our own to not only run, but run perfectly. This is one useful app.

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    • Chainfire3D [root] APK.

    In order to run Chainfire 3D in super awesome mode, you need a plugin for your processor. Installation is as easy as copying a file to the SD card.

    Recent Updates

    Download the pack of plugins from here and extract the contents. There should be three different files, one for each type of processor. Once you know which one works with your device, copy that.