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It is suggested to have lunch prior to reporting to ensure in-processing is seamless. You MUST refer to the table below to determine the required items that you need to hand-carry with you to training. You should bring a couple of changes of conservative civilian attire for attending flight dinners and outings with your classmates as well as the following items:. All uniform items you are unable to pre-purchase will be available for purchase after arrival. However, if you do, ensure you ask for assistance from AAFES staff regarding proper fit and wear of uniform items.

Sharing my journey through Air Force Officer Training School (OTS) and beyond.

List of Uniform Items. You are encouraged to pre-purchase boots and low quarters to allow sufficient "break-in" time to ensure proper fit. It is highly recommended that you bring copies of all educational transcripts, training records, and clinical experience records with you. Unless otherwise specified, the requirement applies to Active Duty including trainees in service programs, service-sponsored training, or long-term civilian schooling, reserve components in the following specialties: If flying, bring a personal change of clothes in your carry-on luggage in the event your luggage is lost.

In order to gain access to Maxwell Air Force Base, you must have a picture ID military ID preferred with travel orders, proof of vehicle insurance, and vehicle registration if driving. Before the class start date, please ensure your personal finances are in order as well as urgent personal affairs are settled. Ability to tend to these matters during training will be limited. Your ability to travel off base will also be limited during training.

The initial training day will be long and will consist of a lot of walking and marching. Wear athletic shoes no sandals or open-toed shoes and neat, comfortable conservative clothing. DO NOT report in uniform. Uniforms are not authorized for wear the day of your arrival. The following lists some items that would be considered inappropriate to wear as civilian clothing during training including arrival day:.

Candidates are required to enroll in Sure-Pay, a direct deposit program military pay.

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Applying to OTS | AFOTS

Special Tactics Officers , who are part of the Intelligence Field, are highly trained in managing special tactics forces, which include everything from combat search and rescue, to assault zone assessment to weather operations. They need a bachelor's degree, with courses in administration and management and a specialization in a technical discipline. They have to maintain combat-ready status, undergo a Single Scope Background Investigation, and complete officer training school. Logistics Readiness Officers ensure that personnel and equipment are prepared and ready to go wherever needed.

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These officers need a bachelor's degree with a focus in either economics, management, logistics, business administration, computer science, finance, accounting, chemical engineering, or industrial management there is a wide variety of logistical challenges for the Air Force. After completing officer training school at the Air Force Academy, Logistics Readiness Officers who are between 18 and 34 will spend nine and a half weeks in training at Maxwell Air Force Base. Public Affairs Officers are one part of this field that includes a variety of different jobs.

To be a Public Affairs Officer in the Air Force, you'll need good diplomatic and communications skills to serve as a media liaison and a point-of-contact with the general public. A bachelor's degree in communications, journalism, public relations, or a similar field is required, as is a knowledge of the principles and practices of communications.

They'll undergo background and credit checks, and need to have a record clear of substance abuse or unresolved mental health problems. A bachelor's degree with a focus on instrumental performance or music education is needed, and before becoming a Band Officer, 12 months of experience in the Air Force Band is required. As with any musical career, Band Officers will have to pass a live audition.

They need to be between 18 and 34 years old. All applicants with tattoos are required to describe the location, content, and size of their tattoos on AF Form This is a requirement even if the tattoos are not visible in any uniform combinations.

This is one of the most important pieces of your application. The board will look very closely at your scores, especially since some of these scores are designed specifically to gauge aptitude for rated positions. Your recruiter can schedule a testing session for you or you might be able to take it with an Air Force ROTC unit at a local university. Your recruiter may be reluctant to proceed with the application process if you score poorly, and it can be a difficult and time-consuming ordeal to find another line officer recruiter and convince them to give you a shot.

Applying to OTS

You can only take the AFOQT twice without a waiver and you must wait days between attempts, so study hard and be prepared. This is another extremely important part of your application. Scanned or electronic copies are acceptable for the application process, but you must bring official raised-seal transcripts to OTS if you are selected. The selection board will see your degree type, major, school, and GPA.

The first hurdle is meeting the basic commissioning physical standards, and the first step in doing that is filling out DD Form You should be honest but refrain from being a hypochondriac.

OTS Application Board Facebook Groups

If you need a waiver for a medical issue, you will generally be forced to wait for the waiver to be approved before you can move any further in the process. Some issues may be disqualifying, some may require waivers, and some may require you to come back at a later date for reexamination. If you are found to meet all standards, then you are physically qualified to become a non-rated commissioned officer which is sufficient to apply to the selection board , but you will be required to undergo more comprehensive physical exams and meet more stringent standards later if you are selected for a rated position.

This document is one of the main things that the selection board looks at and BogiDope has some great consulting services to help you create it.

✩ AIR FORCE OTS Application Package! - PT1

These documents contain most of the information from the rest of your application, but it is presented in a resume-like format which makes it easy for the board to quickly get an idea of who you are. Some sections just require the basic facts, like your amount of flight time, degree information, dates of previous military service or commissioning applications, and law violation information.

The other sections are more subjective and give you a chance to showcase who you are and really stand out. This section is where you should address any strange or negative factors in your background and give the board members an idea of your character and philosophy. If you know any military members especially commissioned officers , ask them to give you their feedback.

This section has the potential to really push you over the edge if you can make a good impression with it. You will need at least 3 to 5 letters of recommendation for your application package. Choose people who truly know you well and can speak to your abilities in a substantial matter.

Do not use letters that are obviously made from generic templates. It may be appreciated if you save the writers some time by writing the first drafts yourself and allowing them to make edits as they please.